Remedial Massage?

What Is Remedial Massage Therapy?

What is remedial massage? If you have a stiff muscle, it can be very painful; and if you take some medicine for that stiff muscle, the pain can become unbearable. In this case, we have two methods of treating the pain. Which one should you choose?

what is remedial massage

We often say that good health is associated with correct posture, which is a correct position. And that is true to a very large extent! Correct posture promotes healthy soft tissue structures around the body, while bad posture leads to strained and damaged soft tissue structures. Hence, correcting bad posture with regular exercise is more helpful than any medication. However, sometimes even after correcting your posture, there may still be some pain. And here arises the concept of remedial massage.

Sometimes when patients visit their health professionals, they are recommended some sort of special treatment plan for recovering from some sort of injury. Usually, the treatment plan includes massage therapy, but most health professionals are unaware of the real advantages of remedial massage. In fact, most health professionals recommend some form of soft tissue treatments first for patients who have just met with an accident that has resulted in some type of severe injuries. If this treatment is done along with regular massage, it helps in speedy recovery from such injuries as well as reduce the risk of any further injuries.

remedial massage therapy

A therapist may perform remedial massage by using his or her hands. Some therapists prefer to perform it with their fingers, while some others prefer to use their hands with a stick that is similar to chopsticks. The therapist performs these movements in circular motions that gently manipulate the affected areas, encouraging blood circulation, increasing the flexibility of the muscles and soft tissues, and relieving the pain.

A well-known practitioner of remedial massage is Dr. George J. Stamoulos. According to him, a patient should expect to be treated with both relaxation and stretching techniques. It is best for the therapy session to start by doing relaxation exercises like cross-leg straightening and flexing, side bends, plank, and other static stretches. Next, the person should perform a warm-up exercise that will prepare his or her body for the stretching and relaxation techniques. For the final session of the session, the person should be made to lie down on a flat table and put a towel over his or her body so that he or she will not accidentally roll off the table.

What is remedial massage is widely used in the treatment of musculoskeletal pains and is often recommended by doctors and chiropractors to prevent the occurrence of such pains in the future? The reason why it is widely used in the treatment of back pain is due to its effectiveness in targeting tight muscle groups. Its looseness in the muscle means that the tight muscles will become less tight and thus lessen or eliminate the pain that the patient suffers. This is the reason why it is used to treat sports injuries such as sprains and strains.


One of the things that make remedial massage therapists popular among patients is the fact that they are more familiar with treating the cause and not just the symptoms of a certain condition. Another great thing that makes them popular is that this type of therapy is very inexpensive. This is also another reason why many people choose to get a therapy session done by a certified remedial massage therapist.

One thing that should be noted however is that this type of therapy should only be done by people who are skilled and certified in performing it. This is because it has the potential to worsen or cause more damage to a person’s muscles and ligaments than what it already has. Also, due to the looseness of the muscles and the ligaments, it is important for the therapist to know how to control the tightness in these tissues and the best way to go about doing it is through slow stretching motions. Also, since the muscles and ligaments are being stretched, it is important for the whole body treatment to be done in slow, smooth, and precise movements so that there would be no injuries incurred during the whole process.